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Have you got an original satirical news story or article? 

The Post Truth Post is currently written by a small team which limits our ability to fully cover the hundreds of opportunities to take the piss the 24 hour news cycle provides.

If you have written an original satirical news story ( i.e. not based on or borrowed from elsewhere, including your mate’s funny tweet etc. ) we’d love to hear from you.

Stories should be around 250 – 350 words in length, follow a pseudo journalistic style, not be libelous and, you know, be funny. If you’re here you’ve probably read a few of our stories so please use them as a style guide. We are UK based but will consider international stories written in English as well.

Currently we can’t offer you payment as we don’t make any money but your efforts will be rewarded the bragging rights of being published on the internet’s newest, up and coming satirical news site. Of course when we get our own BBC prime time show you’ll be able to say you wrote for us before we were famous too.

Still up for it? Submit your story below!

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