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Like so much of the Internet, The Post Truth Post stands on the shoulders of the countless people who have dedicated their skill and time to produce the free software that makes it all possible. Below are some people, companies and organisations without which we couldn’t exist.

Free Virtual Servers

We are proud to be hosted by Free Virtual Servers (FVS). The founder of The Post Truth Post has used Free Virtual Servers as his host of choice since way back in 2004 when they traded as Easy Internet Solutions. Now the UK’s largest provider of free web hosting, FVS offer hosting solutions from the fully featured “Free for Life” hosting through to Enterprise Hosting, along with specialist low cost or free hosting accounts for students and charities all with superb customer service. If you are looking to build your own satirical news site we recommend you host with Free Virtual Servers.

WordPress, Bootstrap & jQuery

Of course, our site leverages the power of WordPress and our beautiful Theme was built with Bootstrap and jQuery. Want to build your own site? We recommend one of Brad Hussey’s courses to get you started


Depositphotos bring the authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together with appreciative buyers like The Post Truth Post, at very reasonable rates. If you’re interested, we post a photo credit link alongside each story. If you’re looking for great value stock photograph for your site head over to


Pexels provide hundreds of thousands of free stock photos with new high-resolution photos added every day. The photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by the users of Pexels or sourced from free image websites. Where possible, The Post Truth Post includes a photo credit and link to the original photographer, alongside each story.

Other Photos

Other than the sources above we use images sourced from the Internet where we are able to determine that the licence allows us to do so. In most cases these are images licensed under Creative Commons licence. We gladly endeavour to credit the original photographer for their work but this is not an endorsement by them of our site or our usage. If you object to our use of your image please get in touch and we will


The wonderful font used in our masthead was created by the talented Paul Lloyd. Check out Paul’s fonts on Font Squirrel

Our stories are rendered using the Merriweather font designed by Eben Sorkin, find out more on Eben’s Merriweather blog

We also use Font Awesome for various icons and logos

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