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Stuff we made up in 2019 – Part 2

2019 a year of fake news part 2

Part two of The Post Truth Post’s look back at the spoof news that defined 2019

Despite a summer heatwave, Jacob Rees-Mogg announced a new dress code for his staff in July. Larry the cat resigned and there were celebrations around the globe as Jo Swinson was elected as leader of the Lib Dems. Ivanka Trump was appointed as ambassador to the UK while her father congratulated Apollo 11 astronauts Wallace and Gromit.

Nigel Farage surprised fans by turning down a TV appearance in July when he pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing 2019. Michael Gove assured voters that the government had stockpiled enough paddles for the UK’s imminent voyage up shit creek.

Boris Johnson’s dog was appointed Speaker of the House of Commons after eating the PM’s homework in August. Jeremy Corbyn announced his vision for a Schrödinger’s Brexit while the government slammed its own Brexit plan as project fear.


As the October Brexit deadline passed, chocolatiers bet on an Easter exit and Boris Johnson turned to witchcraft to get Brexit done before asking Santa for a Christmas general election. Donald Trump accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking his controversial Ukraine call, and Arron Banksy launched his online store.

Prince Andrew hit the headlines in November as even humanity’s shape-shifting reptilian overlords distanced themselves from the sweat-free pizza fan. The Army was deployed as a persistent drizzle hit London and the boss of McDonald’s was fired for dipping his McNugget in the office.

December saw a freshly reelected Boris Johnson launch his first fragrance and Jacob Rees-Mogg enjoy Christmas at Bolsover Working Men’s club. The public was thrilled by BBC Breakfast’s blockbuster, The Rise of Danwalker, which smashed box-office records.

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