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Stuff we made up in 2019 – Part 1

2019 a year of fake news

As we prepare for the first hangover of 2020, The Post Truth Post takes a look back at the fake news that defined 2019.

In January there were fears that cancelled blood donor sessions in Kent could see Westminster Vampires go hungry, while Southerners were advised to use the Burns Night supper as a dry run for a hard Brexit. The Brexit Deal Votes was a surprise hit for the BBC and Donald Trump was preparing for his own D-Day landing.

February saw Jimmy Carr announced as John Bercow’s successor and Brits celebrated the end of dry January in beer gardens as temperatures soared. Jeremy Corbyn was dumped on Valentine’s day by several MPs who left him for the newly formed and short-lived Independent group.

March to Leave marched while Theresa May failed to leave in March. Members of parliament practised colouring between the lines and Chris Graying treated the cabinet to pancakes. Donald Trump announced a plan to fake more moon landings and an all-female spacewalk was cancelled after one of the astronauts packed the wrong outfit.


Theresa May’s year got worse in April as the PM became trapped in a turnstile in Brussels and further delays to Brexit saw experts from Southern Rail called in to advise the government. Kim Jong-un was spotted out on the town with Vladimir Putin, and Alexa admitted she’d stopped listening months ago.

May was out in May and the runners and riders in the Tory leadership race were under starters orders. The Brexit Party launched their Milkshake Challenge and celebrated as both the Conservative and Labour parties lost more seats than the Titanic’s deckchair attendant in the European parliamentary elections.

Five Tory leadership hopefuls made it to the judges’ houses round in June before Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson faced off in the swimwear contest. Glastonbury festival banned cabinet ministers in a bid to clamp down on illegal drug use and Michael Gove set out his white lines for Brexit.

Find out what didn’t really happen in the second half of 2019, here, in part 2.


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