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Gove hung parliament threat sees Labour surge in polls

Michael Gove vs Jeremy Corbyn

Labour have seen a last-minute surge in the polls, ahead of tomorrow’s general election, after Michael Gove apparently told voters that a vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a vote to hang parliament.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is thought to have been trying to warn against returning another minority Conservative government and thereby delaying Boris Johnson’s boyhood dream of getting Brexit done and becoming king of the world.

But the message appears to have got lost in translation with several prominent Russian bot farmers incorrectly mass tweeting, “Vote for Jeremy Corbyn to hang members of parliament.” 

A YouGove poll shows that voters have responded positively to the notion of hanging parliamentarians, with many now saying they will definitely vote Labour.

Radio phone-in fodder, Mark Towpath, says he’s changed his mind about voting Conservative, “I was going to vote Tory so that Boris can get Brexit done like it says on Facebook.

“But then I saw on Twitter that they’ll hang parliament if I vote Labour, so now I’m backing comrade Corbyn.


“Although to be fair, hanging is too good for them after they stopped Boris getting us out of the EU and all.” 

Later Mr Gove tried to clear up the misunderstanding. In an interview with Laura Kuenssberg he clarified that a “hung parliament means that Boris won’t be able to do whatever the fuck he likes,” emphasising, “and that’s a bad thing.” 

We asked Mr Towpath if after seeing Mr Gove on the BBC he had changed his mind about how he would vote on Thursday. 

“Nah mate, that was fake news from the bias mainstream media BBC.

“I get all my news from that Post Truth Post innit. 

“Ooooh Jeeeeremy Cooorbyn! Ooooh Jeeeeremy Cooorbyn!” 


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