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BBC to screen three hour special of people laughing at Boris Johnson

Question Time Audience Laughing

The BBC has revealed plans to screen unseen footage of a Question Time audience laughing at Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a three hour TV special.

The broadcaster was criticised for editing out audience laughter from a clip of Mr Johnson responding to a question about the importance of honesty in politics during a recent Question Time election special.

“We apologise for editing footage of audience members rolling in the aisles, holding their sides, and pissing their pants following the prime minister’s attempts to claim that honesty in power was absolutely vital,” the BBC said in a statement. 

“There was no intention to mislead, the clip was edited to meet the time constraints of the broadcast, we accept this was a mistake on our part, as it didn’t reflect the incredulity of audience members to Boris Johnson’s answer.”

On the original programme, an audience member asked the prime minister: “How important is it for someone in your position of power to always tell the truth?” 


There was laughter and applause when a straight-faced Mr Johnson lied through his back teeth to answer: “I think it’s absolutely vital.” 

Several audience members were treated for laughter induced asphyxiation as the studio descended into howls of laughter, lasting a full ten minutes, and cleaners say the carpet may need to be replaced. 

One audience member said the prime minister’s response was almost as funny as Dave Gorman’s giraffe joke, telling us: “I thought that giraffe thing was funny, but just the idea that Boris is telling the truth gives me a fit of the giggles.” 

To address accusations of BBC bias, a three hour special of unedited footage of voters laughing at Mr Johnson will be broadcast on BBC1 on Thursday at 8 PM.


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