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Prince Andrew to open “Duke’s Pizza Palace” restaurant

Prince Andrew - Duke's Pizza Palace

Following the news that he will step back from his royal duties because of the Jeffery Epstein scandal, the Duke of York says he now wants to focus on his passion for pizza.

During a recent interview with the BBC, the Duke told Emily Maitlis that accusations he had slept with a 17-year-old girl while staying at Epstein’s house were unfounded and he had in fact been enjoying a pizza at the time. 

Shape-shifting reptilian spokesman for the Prince, Zelos, announced the new business venture, telling reporters that the move demonstrated Prince Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit and was in no way about propping up a tenuous alibi. 

“The Prince is really sorry that he gave that interview and has had to stand down from public life as a result of the backlash over him being chums with a convicted sex offender,” he said while approximating a human form.

“But with more time on his hands and his characteristic stiff upper lip he is determined to follow his passion for pizza and will be launching Duke’s Pizza Palace next year.”

The first restaurant will open in Woking where the Prince claims to have enjoyed his first taste of Sloppy Giuseppe while attending his daughter’s birthday party.


Diners looking for a quiet meal will no doubt be pleased to hear that Duke’s will not allow children under the age of 18 to attend parties at its restaurants.

Alongside traditional toppings, the menu will feature several royal inspired pizzas including, Buckingham and Pineapple, Four Hunt Seasons, and Game Bird with Royal Pork. 

All toppings will be available on a thin and crispy or deep pan base, and customers will be able to opt for a regular or stuffed upper crust. 


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