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Army deployed as persistent drizzle soaks London

Rain London Bridge
Photo credit: Barney Moss | Flickr

Troops will be deployed across London on Thursday as the Met Office issue a yellow weather warning of “persistent and prolonged drizzle”.

People across the capital have been warned that there could be delays of up to a minute on some tube services and pavements could become “extremely damp” over the next twenty-four hours.

Commuters have been advised to start their journeys early and allow extra time to tame frizzy hair and shake out their umbrellas before arriving at their desks to complain about the weather. 

Met Office Extreme Weatherman, Michael Fishlove, advised that Londoners should only travel if absolutely necessary due to the risk of losing an eye to a twat using a golf umbrella on a busy pavement.


Boris Johnson, who was criticised by floating voters in the north of England for his government’s general lack of interest in widespread flooding across much of the country, has vowed not to make the same mistake in the southeast.  

Responding to the high probability of Londoners being inconvenienced by a light drizzle Mr Johnson has ordered army personnel to hand out free umbrellas and raincoats at train stations and bus stops. 

Following an emergency Cobra meeting, the prime minister announced a £400bn project to build a 60-mile wide plastic dome to protect the capital from further inclement weather.

Construction of the dome will start immediately, and the government say they hope to have Westminster and the City of London at least partially covered ahead of the peak sleet season in early February.


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