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Disappointed Brexit Party candidates compensated with plush unicorn

Plush Stuffed Brexit Party Unicorns

After Nigel Farage announced that his Brexit Party would not be standing in constituencies currently held by the Conservatives, disappointed candidates are set to receive a plush unicorn in time for Christmas.

Prospective Brexit Party MPs each paid £100 for the opportunity to take the fight to the Tories and  proudly stand as the true Brexit candidate in one of 600 seats the party had planned to contend. 

Mr Farage ditched the plans on Monday saying that his party would no longer stand in the 317 seats the Tories won in 2017, leaving loyal Brexiteers short of beer tokens and their leader’s tailor placing a bulk order for ermine. 

Sir George Fishlove, Chief Financial Officer of The Brexit Party Limited, said that the £100 fee was not refundable but promised that each candidate was now eligible to receive a commemorative plush unicorn.


“I apologise to the hundreds of people who gave us money under the pretence that they would get to stand against Boris Johnson and his terrible deal and deliver a clean break Brexit,” he told Sky News.

“But I remind them, it was clearly stated in the small print that the candidacy fee is non-refundable in the event of an epic u-turn by Mr Farage, interference from Donald Trump or other force majeure.

“However, as a token of our appreciation to customers who may have been financially inconvenienced, I am pleased to announce they will now each be eligible to receive one free commemorative unicorn for their hard work.” 

Brexit Party members who have paid the £100 fee can claim their limited edition 2019 General Election Brexit Party Unicorn from the party’s website after paying £30 for postage and packaging and a £20 handling fee. 


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