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Swinson will join leaders’ debate in Gogglebox special

Jo Swinson
Photo credit: James Gourley | Liberal Democrats

Jo Swinson will join ITV’s head-to-head debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson from the comfort of her own sofa in a live Gogglebox General Election special.

The Lib Dems made a formal complaint after ITV said its head-to-head election debate would only feature men like the Conservative prime minister and Labour leader.

A spokesman for Channel 4 says that giving the leader of the Liberal Democrats a platform in the run-up to a general election was precisely the sort of groundbreaking television the broadcaster was founded to create.

“Channel 4 was established to champion unheard voices, take bold risks and stand up for diversity,” head of political programming Marcus Towpath told us.


“Nothing epitomises those values more than putting an outsider like Ms Swinson on Gogglebox so that her voice can be heard as Johnson and Corbyn wave their dicks at each other on ITV.

“Our Gogglebox election special will be broadcast live on the 19th of November allowing viewers to watch Ms Swinson watching the debate and shouting at the television in real-time.

“ITV may not be ready to give the leader of the Lib Dems air time, but here at Channel 4 we push boundaries, break down walls, and show lesbians kissing before the watershed.” 

Channel 4 later clarified that their election coverage would not necessarily feature female candidates snogging, although Anna Friel is rumoured to be starring in a new dramatisation about Margaret Thatcher’s experimental phase during her time at Oxford.


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