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Daily Mail launches Brexit free newspaper

Brexit free newspaper

The Daily Mail Brexit-Free will hit news stands this week and aims to provide daily news for the growing number of people who are sick to the back teeth with Brexit.

Publication of the Brexit free edition of Britain’s third most popular tabloid comes hot on the heels of a similar experiment by Sky News, which launched a Brexit free news channel earlier this month. 

Sir George Fishlove of the Daily Mail and General Trust admits going Brexit free is a “bold move” for the publisher, but says the new format is what readers want.

“It is an established fact that the public has become sick of facts, but our research shows they have also become sick of our brand of fiction as well.


“Our new publication will not mention the B-word. It won’t peddle myths about ruler-straight bananas or benefit scrounging Romanians. We’ve even dropped the sports pages to ensure there is no mention of defeat in Europe.

“Of course all reporting from Westminster has had to go, and we are struggling to find columnists that can fill more than a paragraph without banging on about blue passports or eurocrat schemes to build a Mosque on every village green.

“However, once our readers adjust to the new smaller format I’m sure they’ll find our paper still contains all the news they really want.”

The first edition of The Daily Mail Brexit-Free will be published on Thursday, will be a convenient postcard size, and feature exclusive pictures of Kerry Katona’s side-boob on both sides.


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