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Arron Banksy launches online store

Arron Banksy

Enigmatic con artist Arron Banksy has launched his first online shop which promises shoppers and voters a "disappointing Brexit experience".

The celebrated insurance broker’s first online venture since his infamous collaboration with Cambridge Analytica will offer customers "a range of impractical, unlikely and false promises".

Gross Miscarriage of Democracy, which uses the same name as the investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) into the source of the millionaire's political donations, allows fans to purchase some of the Brexit bad boy's original works. 

These include Shorting Sterling, an abstract piece that art critics have already described as "a masterful study in manipulating the value of the pound for personal profit and the preeminent display of twenty-first-century disaster capitalism." 


Some of the artworks up for grabs retail for as little as £10 and Brexiteers can expect to receive a free mug when they sign up for a Brexit Party membership for a bargain £25. 

Serious collectors, like the NCA, will no doubt be keen to get their hands on iconic works like Putin & Friends, which the artist famously shredded moments after it had sold for an undisclosed sum of money in 2015.

In a bid to stop the Conservative Party buying up his work and selling it on at a profit, potential customers will need to register and answer the question "What does Brexit mean to you?" before making a purchase.

In typical Banksy style, there is a final twist; shoppers lucky enough to make a successful purchase are warned that the goods are unlikely to be delivered.


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