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President Trump sends thoughts and prayers to Fortnite asteroid victims

Donald Trump and Friends

US President Donald Trump has vowed to do everything he can to support American victims of the Fortnite asteroid.

Gamers were left devastated on Sunday night when a virtual asteroid destroyed the virtual island that is the setting for the popular Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Epic Games, which owns Fortnite, confirmed that the asteroid marks the end of season 10 of the game but have been tight-lipped about when season 11 will commence.

Responding to Tweeted reports of a black hole, which replaced the game’s map and Twitter feed following the asteroid incident, President Trump called an emergency press conference on Monday. 


“My fellow Americans. It is my sad duty to report that an asteroid has collided with the Earth and opened a big black hole in the internet.

“This black hole is big, bigger than the one my tax returns fell into, bigger than the one Rudy Giuliani is in over this Ukrania stuff, bigger than the one under my hair. Yeah, this one is real bigly.

“I don’t know where this happened or the name of the island, no one does, but my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

To the relief of countries likely to be on the receiving end of a poorly judged pre-emptive nuclear strike, the President says his focus over the coming weeks will be to support the Americans who have lost their lives and property in the disaster. 


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