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GCSE students tested on trolling and Brexit memes

Girl with the Brexit Unicorn

Pupils taking GCSE Government & Politics at the Earl of Bexley Grammar School in Hatfield will study trolling, creating political memes, and standing on College Green shouting at MPs as part of a radical new curriculum.

The School’s head, George Southfield, says he wants his GCSE students to attain the practical skills to participate in political discourse in a post-Brexit Britain. 

“GCSE Politics has traditionally focused on the policies and ideological foundations of the different political parties, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the role of the media,” Mr Southfield told us. 

“Historically, this allowed pupils to develop useful life skills, from analysing data and problem solving to taking part in debates and justifying their views through persuasion and reasoned argument.

“But we want to equip these bright young minds for the world they will be stepping into not the world my generation has stepped out of.”


In the first year, students will learn how to use social media to reinforce an entrenched position and successfully troll local MPs, family members and random strangers without getting banned.

Coursework will include picking a newspaper and examining it without recourse to critical thought, and screaming traitor at classmates in debate club until they cry.

Once pupils have grasped the basics they will have the opportunity to go on a field trip to Westminster to see some of these techniques in action.

“The interactive nature of the modern school environment is certainly helpful in providing students with a solid theoretical basis,” says Mr Southfield.

“But seeing a grown man shout sexually violent abuse in the face of a female political aide really helps to bring home to our children the fundamentals of democracy in Britain today.”


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