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I will never surrender the word surrender, PM tells Marr

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has defended his use of the word surrender telling the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he will not surrender his right to use the word surrender until Parliament surrenders to him.

During an interview on Sunday morning, Marr pressed the PM to respond to claims from MPs that his continual use of the word surrender, in relation to the Brexit negotiations, is designed to give the impression that Britain is at war with the European Union.

“Well, I’ll tell you this Andrew, I will never surrender the use of the word surrender. I will not capitulate to calls for me to stop saying surrender, nor throw in the towel because the opposition want me to surrender the word surrender,” Johnson said while refusing to surrender to Marr’s line of questioning.

Doom-mongers and naysayers have said I cannot refer to the Benn Act as the Surrender Bill, and I surrender to the fact that this is technically correct. 


“When Parliament voted for this Surrender Bill it gained royal assent and became the Surrender Act, or better still the Surrender Law.

“And this Surrender Law will force me to surrender to the will of Parliament, surrender the will of the people, and go to Europe and surrender the Brexit deadline to our friends, the surrender monkeys, in Brussels. 

“And I will not surrender to that outcome.”

Pressed by Marr for a yes or no answer to his question, the Prime Minister’s face surrendered a smirk before he repeated surrender a further 150 times without surrendering to the need to draw breath.


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