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Trump sends his condolences to the family of Thomas Cook

Donald Trump
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US President Donald Trump says he was deeply saddened to hear about the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Describing the failed travel company as a “close friend and great explorer,” Mr Trump said his thoughts and prayers were with the family of “Captain Cook” during this difficult time.

“Thomas Cook was a great man, one of the best, very brave like me,” Trump told Fox & Friends. 

“It’s sad, so so sad, to hear that one of the Englander’s bestest explorers has reached his final destination.

“On his five-year mission to explore new worlds, Captain James T Cook, boldly went where no man had gone before, kinda like me in that hotel room in Moscow.


“He discovered Austria, just off the coast of New Zealand, and Hawaii, where he stayed at the luxurious Trump Waikiki hotel.

“Let me tell you about that hotel, it’s really great, the best, a lot of US Army personnel say so. If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday, we’ve got some really great deals over there this fall.”

Fox anchor, Steve Doocy, applauded The President on his excellent grasp of geography and knowledge of foreign affairs and asked him if the US would assist in repatriating holidaymakers stranded in Europe.

“I had a really great call with Prime Minister Boris last night, like Ukrainian great,” Trump said.

“I’ve assured Mr Johnson that I completely back his efforts to get all the Brits out of Europe as soon as possible, and I will help with Brexit in any way I can.” 


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