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Judge Judy to hear PM’s prorogation ruling appeal

Johnson takes prorogation case to Judge Judy

Boris Johnson will appeal a ruling by the Supreme Court, that found the government’s prorogation of Parliament unlawful, in the courtroom of leading American judge, Judith Sheindlin.

“Tabloid editors will no doubt wish to call the Supreme Court judges traitors and enemies of the people etcetera, and many people will want to abuse them on twitter and the like,” Johnson told the press in New York.

“I, of course, have the utmost respect for the Supreme Court and courts in general. Not the European Court of Justice obviously, but other better courts, and so I would not do, say, or incite any of those actions myself.

“While today’s verdict is a setback for our plans, the government will fight on, and I intend to appeal against the Supreme Court’s judgment in front of an even higher judiciary.

“I will seek to have the government’s appeal heard in a courtroom where the cases are real, the will of the people is real, and the rulings are final.”


Judge Judy Sheindlin made a name for herself presiding over 23 seasons of her three-time Emmy award-winning arbitration-based reality court television show.

Known for her no-nonsense restive nature the government hopes Judge Sheindlin will be able to hear the case for prorogation quickly, with the whole hearing expected to take about thirty minutes with two ad breaks to promote preparing for a no-deal Brexit.

Lady Hale, who delivered the Supreme Court’s unanimous verdict that Mr Johnson had acted unlawfully, said the government is entitled to appeal the verdict and seemed to agree with the Prime Minister’s choice of alternative judiciary.

“Judge Judy may have limited experience in British constitutional law,” Lady Hale said.

“But she has made a career out of dealing with lying plaintiffs, philandering husbands and absent fathers, so I hope Mr Johnson has got his listening ears on.”


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