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Could Sky buy exclusive rights to Parliament?

Sky Parliament

Sky could be considering bidding for the exclusive rights to broadcast live and recorded coverage from the House of Commons and House of Lords, predict industry insiders. 

As Project Fear continues to forecast a post-Brexit decline in everything from the money markets to petting zoos, political broadcasting is one area that has seen record growth since the 2016 referendum. 

Coverage of the House of Commons has achieved record audiences this summer, a fact that will not have been missed by executives at pay-tv broadcasters like Sky. 

A deal, thought to be being put together, could see Sky broadcast all parliamentary business on a new free-to-air channel that will replace the BBC’s dated Parliament channel.

In addition to the new free service, Sky subscribers may have exclusive access to all the important debates in full 4K HD, and could be able to participate in live “people’s votes” via their remote control or smart TV. 

Broadcast industry watcher Ray Southfield says this could be a smart move by the pay-tv broadcaster whose viewing figures may have declined since Game of Thrones ended. 

“A year ago more people watched Homes Under the Hammer than BBC Parliament, but all that’s changed with Brexit,” Mr Southfield told us.

“This week 3.4 million people stayed up until two in the morning to watch the prorogation, that’s more than watched the Love Island launch episode.

“When you factor in that prorogation is more like a mid-season break than a series finale, Sky could really boost their third-quarter figures if they can agree a deal before Boris Johnson does.” 


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