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People not on May’s honours list outraged about the people that are on May’s honours list

Theresa May Honours List
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Politicians, journalists, and low contributing Tory donors are outraged to have not been included on Theresa May’s resignation honours list.

Former prime minister Theresa May has dished out knighthoods and peerages to the people that made her premiership such a resounding success, in her resignation honours list.

People not included on the list have been quick to condemn May of “rotten cronyism”, while those inline for an honour have defended “the important institution of the honours system” and updated their Facebook profiles with their new fancy titles.

“It’s outrageous, the whole system needs reform,” said George Fishlove who donated £1.49m to the Conservative party, leaving him just under the threshold for a knighthood.


The list has also faced criticism in the rightwing press after several journalists failed to spot their names amongst the minor awards given to the little people that did something, for some-or-other community project, somewhere in the provinces. 

Not everyone has been critical of May’s selection of honours recipients. Former aide, Nick Southfield, who has already started correcting people that it is now, “Sir Nick Southfield”, has defended the honours system.

“Yes I got paid, and of course I’ll receive a very generous pension, and sure leading financial institutions are queuing up to offer me non-exec seats on their boards,” Sir Nick told us.

“But think about this, I worked face to face with Theresa May for three long years. And for that, I think I deserve a bloody medal.” 


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