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Man who “tested law to the limit” sentenced to ten years

Test law to the limit
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A man who “tested the law to the limit” has been sentenced to a minimum of ten years in prison. 

Mark Jackson, 45 from London, says he has been wrongly imprisoned for a crime spree, telling the judge that he “looked very carefully” at the law and its “interpretation” before allegedly breaking it. 

Jackson, who held up a Post Office this morning, says he was under the impression that the law is open to a degree of interpretation when you find it inconvenient to your personal circumstances or career ambitions. 

“It’s like that MP said, you know the one that didn’t know where the English Channel was, Dominic Raab, that’s the bloke innit,” Mr Evan’s said.

“Well, he was on that Sky News banging on about some law to stop a no-deal Brexit and said the government would follow it but only after they’ve tested it to the limit.

“So I thought to myself, well I could do with three-hundred-grand in used notes, so maybe the same rules apply to me.

“Sure in laymen’s terms the law says don’t rob the local Post Office, but it doesn’t specifically say don’t drive a JCB through the back wall and lift the safe out in the bucket, does it?

“The way I see it, it’s all about interpretation, and in my interpretation, all I done was accidentally park my JCB on the wrong side of the carpark wall.

“That’s a parking ticket or three points, not a ten stretch.” 

Mr Jackson will serve ten years for robbery and criminal damage in HM Prison Brixton, Mr Raab is yet to be apprehended. 


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