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M6 gin crash: Stranded women assist emergency services with clean up

Three girls masks and drinks
Photo credit: Bruce Mars

Twelve young women from London have been commended for assisting Cheshire Police with a 32,000 litre gin spill which closed the M6 yesterday.

Debbie Southfield, 22, was travelling to Liverpool for her hen weekend with her ten “besties” and “Tina from work who kind of invited herself”, when their minibus became stuck in traffic on the M6 in Cheshire.

Hearing on the radio that the tailbacks were caused by a lorry leaking gin on to the carriageway the plucky girls sprang into action.

“We’d been sat in the bus for like an hour, so all the Prosecco was long gone and Sarah literally needed a wee,” Debbie said.

“I could see the blue lights flashing up ahead, so I said to the girls we should like walk up there and see if we could like borrow a bucket for Sarah, like.” 

Arriving at the scene to see litres of premium gin being wasted on the asphalt, Debbie immediately kicked off her shoes and ran back to the bus to get mixers and glasses. 

“It’s a bit chavvy like, drinking gin from a plastic Prosecco glass on the hard shoulder and we did end up mixing it with some Irn-Bru Justine got from a lad she copped off with in his van, but once the firemen turned up we had a great night.” 

Chief Inspector George Fishlove says he is indebted to the girls who managed to consume a total 29,020 litres of gin allowing the motorway to reopen at around 04:30 am.


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