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Boris Johnson’s puppy appointed Speaker of the House

Dilyn appointed Speaker of the House

Boris Johnson’s new rescue puppy, Dilyn, will take over from John Bercow when Parliament resumes for a critical Brexit debate today.

The 15 week old Jack Russell-cross has been appointed as Speaker of the House of Commons replacing Mr Bercow who has served in the role since 2009.

The unusual move hasn’t surprised anyone as the government gave up even pretending to follow normal parliamentary procedure in early August.

Dilyn joined Johnson and his partner, Carrie Symonds, in the flat above Number 11 Downing Street on Monday, having travelled to London from Rhondda in Wales to take up his new position.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the House of Commons, announced the historic appointment.

“I have great respect for Mr Bercow and may even offer that I am quite fond of him in the way a chap is fond of the boy who cleans his shoes at his club,” the historical reenactment told reporters.


“John has served his country with distinction for too many years and Dominic feels the time has come for him to make way for a younger man or indeed dog.

“Getting Brexit over the line is going to require a Speaker that has some energy and spunk but more importantly will roll over when the prime minister commands it.”

Dilyn’s appointment has not been welcomed by everyone, Larry the cat told Sky News he was gutted to have been ignored for promotion yet again.

“As a cat, no one knows more about cat herding than me, and that’s eighty per cent of the job of Speaker,” Larry hissed.

“I’ve served three prime ministers but just because Dominic Cummings isn’t a cat person the dog gets to take over from Bercow barking at the MPs all day long. It’s outrageous."


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