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Larry devastated as a second overly enthusiastic little puppy moves into Downing Street

Photo credit: Deposit Photos | BBC

Human puppy Boris Johnson has adopted Dilyn, a rescue puppy from south Wales, and Larry the cat says he is not happy about it. 

Dilyn, a 15-week old Jack Russell-cross from Rhondda, joined the prime minister and his partner Carrie Symonds in the flat above Number 11 Downing Street on Monday.

Johnson has already been accused of nepotism as sources say Dilyn will act as special advisor for sausages, supporting Theresa Villers at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Speaking on Newsnight Larry the cat said he was devastated to learn he will now be sharing Downing Street with two overly enthusiastic, poorly house-trained, rescue puppies.

“When the Conservatives adopted Boris I really did consider moving on,” Downing Street’s chief mouser said.


“I’ve been in post for several years, and there were a number of very lucrative offers on the table. Do you know how many mice there are in the Bank of England?

“In the end, I decided to give Boris a chance and had the staff line a litter tray with a copy of the parliamentary rule book so he’d feel at home.

Larry told Kirsty Wark that he was now reconsidering a job in the City, saying: “one scruffy little tyke charging around Downing Street, marking his territory and dry humping the furniture is quite enough.” 

“Although it will be interesting to see if Dominic Cummings can train Dilyn to sit up and beg as quickly has he trained the rest of the Cabinet.”


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