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Government PPI claim will fund NHS, schools and police

Sajid Javid with a unicorn picture

Sajid Javid has promised to spend money recouped by the government’s claim for mis-sold PPI on schools, the NHS and policing.

The government cancelled what would have been the chancellor’s first major speech, on Wednesday, after realising there were only 24 hours left to submit the Treasury’s claim for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

Despite the Conservative’s magic money tree showing record growth, the cost of Chris Grayling’s misadventures and no-deal Brexit planning have left Boris Johnson’s government a little short on cash.

Writing in the Times, Javid said he hoped a big payout for mis-sold PPI on loans taken out by his predecessors would pay for things popular with “the little people” ahead of a possible general election.

Soon to be unemployed PPI claims lawyer George Fishlove says he’s not surprised the government have left it so late. 

“I must have phoned the Treasury five or six times a day for the last four years,” Mr Fishlove told us.

“But every time I called, they just ignored me or hung up, so I’m not surprised they’ve gone to the wire on this.

“Fundamentally, the mis-selling of PPI shows how easy it is for the unscrupulous to pressure the ill-informed into paying for something they don’t need, like a PPI claims lawyer or a no-deal Brexit.

“Given the calibre of individual we’ve had in government over the years, I’d estimate they could easily have a claim for billions in mis-sold PPI policies.”  


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