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Alternative Parliament could sit in Corbyn’s shed

Jeremy Corbyn
Photo credit: | Flickr

Jeremy Corbyn has started clearing space in his shed following the government’s announcement that it will suspend Parliament in September.

Fans of democracy have been left outraged as Boris Johnson says he’ll ask the Queen to suspend Parliament before the Brexit deadline, thereby ensuring MPs are unable to challenge the UK's departure from the EU without a deal.

Rory Stewart, who surprised everyone by being both a Conservative and attempting to become their leader, first proposed the idea of forming an alternative Parliament, to stop a no-deal Brexit, during the Tory leadership race.

With Boris Johnson confirming he will prorogue Parliament before October 31st, sources say the Labour leader has removed an old lawnmower and several boxes of seed trays from his shed in preparation for forming a government of national unity.


Derick Smith, who grows prize-winning swedes on the plot next to the Labour leader’s, says that the shed isn’t as grand as the Palace of Westminster but if MP’s keep the noise down they will be welcome on the allotment.

“The way I see it Parliament is about the exercise of democracy by our elected representatives, whether that takes place in the Commons, a pub or a shed, it doesn’t really matter as long as it happens,” Mr Smith said.

“I wouldn’t trust Corbyn to water my swedes let alone run the country, but when the bindweed’s choking your marrows, you’ve got to make sacrifices I suppose.”


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