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New Bond film title revealed as No Time for a Deal

Daniel Craig James Bond 007

The 25th James Bond film will be called No Time for a Deal and sees 007 face his most challenging mission yet. 

Daniel Craig will play Bond for the fifth and final time, as the globe-trotting secret agent races against the clock to save Britain from a shadowy cartel known only as The EU.

The movie marks a departure for the franchise as writers and producers say they wanted Bond to be more representative of present day values. 

“We wanted to bring the character of James Bond up to date, really make him resonate with modern audiences,” said writer Bill Hanks. 

“The idea of Bond as an immaculately dressed, smooth-talking playboy, worked in the 1960s but isn’t representative of alpha males in 2019.”

In preparation for the role, Craig’s piled on the pounds and risked injury as blindfolded stylists chopped randomly at his hair giving him the look of a toddler that’s just woken up.

An expensive but ill-fitting suit will replace Bond’s trademark tuxedo, and fans are already speculating if a stain on his tie is gravy or one of Q Division’s secret weapons.

Plot details are scarce, but rumours circulating online say the movie sees Bond in a race against time to defuse the EU’s most deadly weapon, code-named The Backstop, and defeat a slave army of naysayers and doom-mongers.

Leaked footage shows 007 travelling to Brussels to battle with the EU’s henchmen armed with only a pen, a Huawei phone, and his belief in Britain.

Fans of the spy franchise will no doubt be pleased to learn that despite his new dishevelled look James still gets plenty of action between the sheets.


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