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Quiet carriage tutting outbreak leaves man with hearing loss

Man with hands over his ears

A man travelling in the quiet carriage of a train has been left with temporary tinnitus after levels of tutting exceed 150 decibels.

Clive Jackson was travelling in the quiet carriage of an LNER service from London to Newcastle when an outbreak of tutting reached volumes louder than a jumbo jet at takeoff. 

Jackson said: “I’d found my seat and the girl opposite had finished unpacking a small IT department’s worth of laptops and devices onto the table, so I sat back to enjoy my book in peace.

“As the train pulled out of King’s Cross, the bloke next to me’s phone beeps and he briefly chuckled at the message.

“This causes a woman across the aisle to tut at him and straighten her copy of The Daily Mail.

“The couple in seats 10 and 11 took exception to the rustle of right-wing rhetoric and both tutted.

“I’d agree they were a bit loud under the circumstances, unless they were commenting on the journalism. 


“Then, of course, matey next to me’s phone goes again, and all three of them tut while the girl opposite stares and sighs at him sarcastically. 

“The three-way tut sigh combo must have carried down the carriage as a chap four rows down responded with a loud inhale followed by an exhaled “for God’s sake”.

“After that, all hell broke loose as each tut was met with a louder tut and that tut begat an even louder tut as tutters tutted at each other’s tuts.

“It just got louder and louder until they announced that the buffet car was closed due to a member of train crew being unavailable.

“Then everyone just sort of tutted once in unison and that ended it.” 

Doctors say Mr Jackson’s hearing will recover in a few days and LNER apologised for any inconvenience caused.


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