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Plates in gourmet restaurants warn of Tory danger

Photo credit: Pexels

Following the success of a campaign that uses takeaway chicken boxes to warn young people about the dangers of carrying a knife, top London restaurants are set to follow suit.

Several of the capital’s most expensive restaurants will soon be serving up dinner on plates that warn diners of the dangers of voting Conservative.

Taking a lead from the chicken box campaign, plates and napkins will be printed with the real life stories of former Tory voting adults who have turned their lives around. 

Restauranteur and the campaign’s principal, George Fishlove, says he was inspired by the way the chicken boxes get a message to young people that would otherwise be hard to reach.

“Austerity, Universal Credit and years of Tory cuts have left many in our poorest communities with little or no support,” says Mr Fishlove.

“Instead of investing in a public health approach to address the root causes of violent crime, the government are printing slogans on takeaway packaging.


“It may well work, but it’s too little too late and doesn’t address the underlying social problems that face our communities.

“By warning the most wealthy of the dangers of Conservative policies, I hope we can tackle the real causes of the rise in crime, poverty and inequality in our country.” 

One plate tells the story of 57-year-old Sarah, a successful doctor who joined the Conservative Party in 2009.

Sarah was repeatedly forced to vote against her conscience to prove her loyalty to the party leader and threaten by sinister enforcers known as whips.

Sarah has now escaped from the Tories, turned her life around and is starting a new political career with the Liberal Democrats.


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