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Trump tweets dick pic in support of Whitney Cummings

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US Tweeter in Chief Donald Trump has unleashed an extreme close up of “Lil’ Donny” on an unsuspecting internet in support of comedian Whitney Cummings.

Earlier this year the US comedian inadvertently posted a photo on Instagram in which her nipple was visible, deleting it within seconds when she realised her mistake.

After attempts by some of her followers to extort money from her, under the threat of reposting screen grabs of the picture, Cummings tweeted the photo herself, commenting: 

“If anyone is gonna make money or likes off my nipple, it’s gonna be me. So here it all is, you foolish dorks.” 

In support of Cummings, several male comedians later posted their own embarrassing photos, mostly of injured testicles, along with the hashtag #IStandWithWhitney.

While Donald Trump’s twitter feed is not generally known for acts of radical feminism, the President too has shown his support posting on Twitter.

“Just learned that someone posted a nipple on the internet. I’m a big fan of nipples, the biggest! Here is a shot of Lil’ Donny he likes nipples too. #IStandWithWhitney.”

The extreme close up of the President’s own commander in chief reveals that his love of an epic comb-over isn’t just confined to his head and goes some way to explaining why, from his perspective, those hands must seem massive.

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