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Transfer Deadline Day: Change UK still hopeful for big signing

Political Transfer Deadline Day
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Premier League political parties are preparing to add the finishing touches to their new season lineups as the summer transfer window closes on Thursday.

Current champions The Conservative and Unionist Party have been strongly linked to Brexit Party striker Nigel Farage but are not expected to sign any new talent until January.

Recently appointed Tory head coach, Dominic Cummings, says he’s confident of a strong start to the season, but both Jacob Rees-Mogg, who will start the season playing up front instead of his traditional spot on the right-wing, and captain Boris Johnson remain untested on the European stage.

Labour Party fans are also keen to see some new talent upfront, following a couple of shocking seasons, but are likely to be disappointed as captain Jeremy Corbyn says he intends to stay on indefinitely. 


The reds could be busy on transfer day with manager John McDonnell publicly stating that he wants to put Her Majesty the Queen in goal to bolster their defensive lineup against a strong Conservative frontbench.

The Liberal Democrats have already signed dependable centre Chuka Umunna and haven’t ruled out loaning players to teams in the lower divisions following a resounding victory in the Brecon and Radnorshire pre-season friendly.

Lower down the table all eyes will be on Change UK as the transfer deadline approaches. Insiders say that caretaker manager, Anna Soubry, is hoping to avoid relegation by signing former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, although Grieve has repeatedly said he has no intention of switching teams.

The transfer window closes for Premier League parties as 17:00 BST while League One and Two parties, including UKIP and the Monster Raving Loonies, are still able to buy MPs until the beginning of the conference season in September. 


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