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Bet you’re glad you didn’t abolish one now, Queen tells Corbyn

The Queen and Prince Philip

The Queen has responded to calls from John McDonnell for Jeremy Corbyn to pay her a visit by reminding the Labour leader of his views on the monarchy.

Noted republican, Mr Corbyn, has previously called for the monarchy to be abolished but is now hoping the Queen will help Labour seize power from the Tories before the October 31st Brexit deadline.

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, told an audience at the Edinburgh fringe festival that in the event of Boris Johnson’s government losing a vote of no confidence he’d dispatch Mr Corbyn to Buckingham Palace to say “we’re taking over.”


The audience at the annual comedy festival were not amused by McDonnell’s standup debut and neither was Her Majesty the Queen who allegedly commented to staff, “One has quite enough gardeners at the Palace, maybe Mr Corbyn would prefer the Tower?”

In a more measured tone, a royal spokesman said: “The Queen is very grateful for Mr Corbyn’s offer to clean up the mess the Tories are making of her country and weed the flowerbeds but would like to remind him that he doesn’t believe in the monarchy. As such, asking Her Majesty to intervene in Brexit and put him in power is, to put it mildly, a little bit rich.”

The official added that as it would not be appropriate for the Leader of the Opposition to arrive for an audience with the Queen in an Uber, Prince Philip has offered to personally ensure Mr Corbyn reaches his final destination.


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