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54% believe an Irish backstop is Guinness consumed at the end of a night out

Pint of Guinness
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As Boris Johnson returns from Dublin with ‘new ideas’ on the Irish backstop, a poll reveals most Brits to be wide of the mark when defining this linchpin of the Brexit deal.

The survey, completed by the type of person who is unable to evade a student in a brightly coloured tabard waving a clipboard, asked the question 'What is an Irish backstop?'.


Despite wall-to-wall media coverage, the results appear to show the average man on the street’s understanding of the backstop to be at a similar level to, former Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab's grasp of the importance of the English Channel.

  • 3% correctly identified the Irish backstop as an insurance policy that avoids a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
  • 7% of respondents defined an Irish backstop as a pint of Guinness consumed as ‘hair of the dog’ and thus 'backstopping' a hangover.
  • 15% told the survey they thought an Irish backstop was legislation proposed by the DUP “to stop sinners having bum sex”. 
  • 21% felt the backstop was a plot devised by faceless EU bureaucrats to steal our sovereignty and move hoards of economic migrants into the spare rooms of hard-working families.
  • A statistically significant 54% of the cohort were confident in defining an Irish backstop as a pint of Guinness, consumed at the end of a night on the Stella, to prevent a hangover the following day.

Here at The Post Truth Post we have undertaken our own research and can confirm that any option which requires a Guinness is a winner Mr Johnson.


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