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Nigel Farage open to relationship with Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage Donald Trump Boris Johnson love triangle

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says he’s open to dating and may seek something more serious with blond bombshell Bojo.

The revelation comes after long term partner Donald Trump publicly described Farage as “a little older than most of you” at an event in Washington.

Furious, the fifty-five-year-old Brexiteer now appears to be back on the market. 

Looking fabulous as he left LBC’s central London studios, where he presents his popular radio talk show, Nigel confirmed that if Boris was serious about leaving the EU he’d happily get into bed with him.

However, Johnson, who friends say already has his hands full deciding which girlfriend to move into Number 10 Downing Street after his triumph in the Conservative leadership race, appears to be playing hard to get.

Asked about a future relationship with the ex-UKIPer at hustings last week, the Westminster jester said he was a one-party kind of chap, but commentators note the Boris isn’t above flirting with the right-wing when it suits him.

In a final twist Trump, who has also been connected with k-pop sensation Kim Jong-un, tried to patch things up with Farage last night.

Clearly keen to keep the Brexit Party leader away from the younger Johnson, the US President suggested Farage could move in with him becoming his ambassador in Washington.

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