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Strong and Stable: Theresa May’s greatest hits and misses

As Theresa May slips the last kipper behind the hallway radiator and wishes Larry the cat, the Conservative Party, and the country good luck with Boris, The Post Truth Post takes a look back at her time in Number 10 with some of our favourite moments.

Theresa May’s departure already subject to delay

Theresa May Moving

Hours after she announced her timetable for departure, Theresa May says that she will not be able to leave Downing Street on schedule. Read More

Workman blames three year delay on 649 inferior tools

Theresa May - Can you fix it

A workman tasked with building a simple exit from the European Union has appeared on national television to place the blame for delays on the 649 tools she has to work with. Read More

Websites urged to remove videos depicting political suicide and national self-harm

Theresa May self-harm

Websites could soon be fined or blocked if they fail to tackle “online harms” such as Theresa May addressing the nation via Twitter. Read More

PM fails to negotiate Eurostar turnstile

Theresa May

The Prime Minister has cancelled several meetings this morning after a tricky turnstile negotiation in the Brussels Eurostar terminal delayed her return to the UK.  Read More


Government concerned that PM is trapped in relative time dilation.

The government have sought the advice of leading theoretical physicists over concerns that Theresa May is trapped in a relative time dilation which is causing her to repeat the same actions over and over. Read More

Springwatch: May’s magic money tree in full bloom

Magic Money Tree

Gardeners at 10 Downing Street are reporting that thanks to the mild winter and a constant supply of Brexit bullshit the PM’s magic money tree is now in full bloom. Read More

Theresa May to face her toughest week since last week

Theresa May

Theresa May will wake up from the weekend to face, what many claim, will be her toughest ever week in office. Pundits are predicting it could be even tougher than last week and the week before that. Read More

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