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Oh, there was a Lib Dem leadership race as well? says everyone

Liberal Democrats Winning Here

Britain has woken up this morning to the surprise news that the Liberal Democrats have been holding a leadership contest and will appoint a new leader today.

Jo Swinson or Sir Ed Davey will be named as the next Lib Dem leader after a contest that has been fought with so much politeness and civility that the word fought is probably a bit strong to describe it.

Coverage of the Tories attempts to legitimise Boris Johnson’s inevitable appointment as Conservative leader and prime minister, through a series of stage-managed TV debates, hustings and op-eds, has rightly left little time for media coverage of two informed people calmly discussing the state of the country. 

Little is known about the two candidates; the public record shows that neither candidate was investigated as part of the Levison inquiry or failed to properly declare their property interests in breach of anti-money laundering laws.


Police have not attended Sir Ed’s flat following reports of a domestic disturbance, and a recording of Ms Swinson plotting to have a journalist beaten up definitely doesn’t exist.

Tabloid editors have not had cause to question whether either candidate was implicated in the leak of diplomatic cables resulting in the resignation of a British ambassador.

Liberal Democrats who attended hustings have reported that both candidates failed to misrepresent EU Regulations, with or without the assistance of a well-preserved herring, but noted that the biscuits were rather good. 

The winner will be announced on Monday afternoon, but the result is expected to be overshadowed by the news that Prince George has turned six and the sun’s out.


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