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Celebrations around the globe as Swinson elected Lib Dem leader

We Love Jo Swinson

Despite minimal coverage in the UK, the election of East Dunbartonshire MP, Jo Swinson, as leader of the Liberal Democrats caused impromptu celebrations across the World on Monday night.

In France a special Mass was held at the Sacre Couer in Paris. One jubilant worshipper smiled, “most Parisians were hoping for an Ed Davey win but personally, I could not be happier.”

Meanwhile in Russia, Red Square became packed with drunken supporters of the new Lib Dem leader. One reveller explained, “when Jo says ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ her passion reminds me of a young Putin. I am ecstatic right now.”


Further afield, shrines featuring 39 year old Ms Swinson’s photograph and various offerings of fruit and fish began to appear on the small Pacific Island of Malakula, where former Lib Dem leader, the late Paddy Ashdown is revered as a god.

Celebrations in Hong Kong were dampened however as mobs of armed supporters of defeated leadership rival, Sir Ed Davey began attacking Swinson fans who had taken to the streets to express their joy at her triumph. The violence was quickly contained by police but highlighted the ongoing tensions between different Lib Dem factions in the former British colony.

In the US, President Trump held a rally for Republican faithful in Connecticut during which chants of “Swinson, Swinson” drowned out his trademark inflammatory, racist rhetoric. After the rally Mr Trump told reporters that he welcomed Jo Swinson’s appointment. “He’s a great guy, fabulous guy, I look forward to working with him.” 


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