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World Emoji Day: “I’m not being racist but…” emoji coming this Autumn

Apple and Android have provided a preview of some of their new emojis on World Emoji Day.

The new designs will appear on devices this Autumn, and both tech titans are pitching new emojis that speak to people’s life experiences. 

New designs will include a Klansman, a banjo, and an angry racist.

A spokesman said: “Emojis are all about providing the context that is so often missing when communicating by text message.

“As we’ve seen this week, a completely innocent tweet from a public official can lead to misunderstanding and global accusations of racism.

“If the President had made those comments in person he’d probably have prefixed them with the phrase, I’m not being racist but, to clarify the inclusive intent of his following remarks.

“We hope the angry racist emoji will serve the same purpose.

“Of course the meaning of an individual emoji is open to interpretation, so if this one replaces the big purple aubergine to mean a massive cock, that’s cool too.” 

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