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Apollo 11: Trump hails American heroes Wallace and Gromit

Apollo 11 Astronauts Wallace and Gromit
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission, which took the first humans to the moon’s surface, President Donald Trump has praised the bravery and heroism of astronauts, Wallace and Gromit.

“America is great, the best, a lot a people still say so,” the President babbled during a televised address from the White House press room this morning.

“Really it is, and although it’s much better now I’m in charge, it was kinda good before as well.

“It was pretty good when America put men on the moon. Probably. 

“We went to the moon, not because it was hard, but because we needed space supremacy over the Brits to win the War of Independence.

“And we kicked their Brexiting butts from our moon base in 1945, that’s a fact, look it up.


“Those astronauts, like me, very brave men, with great hair, who conquered the moon, are heroes of this great country, and so today I honour them.

“They designed and built a rocket in their basement, with no handouts or help from the Government, they made America great just like I’m doing right now. 

“And thirty years later here I am telling you how good, so good, the best, like covfefe good, I am, and they were.

“Today America, we celebrate the achievements of two all-time great American heroes, the Apollo 11 astronauts, Wallace and Gromit.

“Now who’s got a cracker for this moon cheese?” 


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