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Antivirus firms slammed for St Swithin’s Day spam

Computers make me angry

Antivirus software vendors faced backlash this morning as customers received unsolicited St Swithin’s Day promotional emails.

The emails reinterpret the famous proverb associated with the popular eighth century Bishop to encourage the purchase of premium PC protection. 

St Swithun’s Day if thou dost upgrade 
For forty days no virus shall invade
St Swithun’s Day if thou delete this mail
For forty day’s MacBook shall fail

The well-intentioned marketing message has not been universally applauded with many computer fans suggesting that an industry that claims to reduce spam emails probably shouldn’t be a major source of spam emails.

Representatives of the Antivirus industry have defended the move, “Protecting your PC and its content from nefarious code is important 365 days a year,” a spokesman said.

“But with all the non-antivirus-punting spam clogging up people’s inboxes we have to work hard to make sure our spam gets noticed.”


“We’ve already exhausted the obvious marketing opportunities with Easter Eggstravaganzas and Christmas Crash protection offers, so popular holidays like St Swithin’s Day or Quitter’s Day are the next obvious choices.” 

Internet user Sally Fishlove of Winchester was appalled to a have received the unsolicited marketing missive. 

“I thought they’d gone too far when I was greeted by the subject line ‘Don’t get a nasty virus this Valentine’s Day’ back in February,” Sally told us. 

“But St Swithin’s Day? What’s next? Say I do and stay protected with 50% off on our most advance wedding day malware defence solution? Protect your Pop from embarrassing porn popups this Father’s Day? Ridiculous.


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