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Orange man with tiny hands arrested after scaling Buckingham Palace gates

Buckingham Palace Gates
Photo credit: Pexels

The American citizen was arrested after climbing over Buckingham Palace’s front gate last night, the Metropolitan Police Service has said. 

Police detained the 74-year-old on suspicion of trespass and describe him as “having daubed his face, body, and unusually small hands with an orange coloured paint or dye.”

The intruder was unarmed but officers at the scene report he may have been suffering from dementia and kept insisting that he’d been invited by Theresa May and he could have them all fired with one tweet to Boris Johnson

The Queen was in residence at the time of the incident and enjoying Panorama’s exposé of Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, a palace spokeswoman confirmed.

The man was later released with a caution for trespass and tweeting without due care and attention. 


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