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Johnson promises to cut tax on milkshake

Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson has promised to review the so-called “sin taxes” levied on milkshakes and other sugary beverages.

The Tory Leadership contender says he wants to review whether taxes on foods high in salt, sugar and fat are effective at improving the nation’s health or just unfairly target those on a low income.

However, Mr Johnson’s critics claim the move is not about tax cuts or public health but is aimed squarely at diminishing the threat the Brexit Party pose to the Conservatives.

“Johnson is smarter than he looks, under that toddler’s haircut there is the brain of a political genius,” says political analyst and future cabinet minister, Charles Fistlove-Smyth.

“Boris knows that Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party could easily win the next general election, and the only thing that will stop them is the constant threat of flying milkshake.

“It’s classic dog whistle politics from Johnson, a call to arms for the remoaners to take up their milkshakes and stop Brexit.”

Nigel Farage was unavailable for comment due to an appointment with his dry cleaner. 


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