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Alabama considers banning women from the state in bid to cut crime

Alabama bans women from the state

Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, is considering banning women from the Yellowhammer State in her ongoing battle to tackle the crimes of the female body.

Speaking on Fox News, the Governor outlined a plan to reduce the rate of crime in the southeastern American state by removing anyone that doesn’t “pack a barbecue in his pants”.

“When I look at crime in our state it’s always the womenfolk that are to blame,” the Governor told host Sean Hannity.

“We’ve got the toughest stance on abortion outside of the Taliban, and these feminists are still getting pregnant and demanding their reproductive rights.

“When there’s a rape, nine times outta ten there’ll be a woman involved, and our female prisons are full already.

“Only last week we had to arrest a woman for failing to protect her foetus while she was being shot in the stomach, that’s the kinda mess we are in here.

“I ask you, how do we stop this? How do we stop all this raping? How do we stop all this murdering of unborn cell clusters? How do we stop this insanity? 

“We cast them out Sean, as God did to Eve, I will cast the criminals and their big titties out of our great state of Alabama.

Asked by Hannity if she’d extend the ban to herself, Ivey said, “Of course not Sean, I’m rich and white.” 


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