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Homeowners perplexed by random spare room in Ikea flat-pack houses

Skjul - The Ikea flat-pack house

Ikea will soon start building flat-pack houses in the UK following a deal between Worthing Council and BoKlok, which is jointly owned by the Swedish retailer and construction company Skanska.

Councillors in the West Sussex town expect to sign the deal in the coming months following a successful pilot build of fourteen houses in neighbouring Shoreham-on-Sea.

Residents of the pilot homes say that overall they are very pleased with the build quality, although finding the right allen key to open the front door after a few pints has proved a challenge for some. 

“I love my ‘Skjul’,” Jane Fishlove, one of the early Shoreham residents, told us.

“It’s got everything you’d expect, bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and even a secret passage that gets you from the garage to the loft without going through any of the other rooms, just like in the Ikea stores.”

“The only negative is that all the houses have this random spare room that’s not on the plans or parts list, and none of us know what it’s for.”


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