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Lego to release Boris inspired model bus range

Lego Brexit Bus
Photo credit: M-Louis | Flickr

Following revelations by Tory leadership front runner, Boris Johnson, that his hobby is building model buses, Lego has announced a new range of models inspired by the prime ministerial hopeful. 

Asked, in an increasingly rare interview, if he had any hobbies, Mr Johnson looked confused before stumbling about a bit and eventually claiming that he makes “models of buses to relax”.

While pundits in the mainstream media have been left puzzled as to why Mr Johnson would claim that making models of buses is his hobby over the more obvious choices of being a politician or a journalist, The Post Truth Post can exclusively reveal that Johnson is in the final stages of a deal with Lego.

The Danish toy manufacturer will release a range of “Boris Bus” model kits later this year, and it appears the future PM has inadvertently let the cat out of the bag.

Spokesman Janis Fishlove told us, “We are always looking to collaborate with franchises that fit the Lego values of life-long childhood, fantasy, and wild imagination.

“Boris has an outstanding track record in all three areas, and over the years he has epitomised them all in bus form.”

The new Lego models will include The Olympic Bus which comes with a Boris mini-figure complete with messy hair and Union Jack, a Bendy Bus that won’t fit on the Lego streets and a Brexit bus which will allow children of all ages to write a wish on its side. 

However, Lego movie fans will be disappointed. A planned Lego Boris biopic has been shelved due to the cost of re-filming it each time Johnson changes his position on something.

I keep dreaming about ‘scary’ Johnson says Hunt

Scary Clown
Photo credit: Pexels

Conservative leadership contender, Jeremy Hunt, admitted in an interview yesterday, that he is frequently haunted by nightmares about his rival, Boris Johnson.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women as part of his bid to become the next PM, Hunt explained, “Boris regularly comes to me at night in the most vivid dreams. 

“He is wearing a clown mask, holding a carving knife and singing in a child's voice, ‘four more months to Halloween’ over and over." 

In the interview with host Colleen Nolan, The 52 year old Foreign Secretary said, "In the dream I try to run, but as soon as I reach a wooden sign saying ‘Irish Backstop’, I can't run any further. It’s terrifying.

“Sometimes Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage are also there, dancing impishly around a bonfire and cackling while Donald Trump plays the pan pipes with his tiny hands.”

Seemingly tearful at times, a trembling Hunt explained that being selected as one of the final two in the Tory Leadership contest has been a "wonderfully surreal experience" but quickly added, “the dreams though… the dreams are so, so real…” 

When quizzed by co-host Janet Street Porter, about the possible meaning of the dream, Hunt, said that he had “no idea" but wakes up afterwards with an odd compulsion to instruct his Stockbroker to buy shares in US Medical Insurance firms.