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“Don’t be a coward, buy her a bunch of flowers and apologise,” Hunt tells Johnson

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has urged his Conservative Party leadership rival Boris Johnson to "man up" and buy Carrie Symonds a bunch of flowers. 

Police were called to the south London flat Mr Johnson shares with his partner Carrie Symonds on Saturday night after a neighbour heard a loud argument and the couple "slamming and banging" - not a euphemism.

The concerned neighbour, who recorded the row in full, called the Metropolitan Police when it became clear that a police presence would make for a better story in The Guardian.

Following the dispute, Mr Johnson, who is currently the favourite to win the Tory leadership contest, is believed to have spent the weekend hiding from both the press and Ms Symonds on his good friend David Cameron's sofa. 

With Johnson's personal failings threatening to overshadow his professional failings ahead of Tuesday's Sky News leadership debate, rival, Jeremy Hunt accused him of being a coward and urged him to make up with Symonds. 

"Boris has gone on record as a supporter of a no-deal Brexit," Mr Hunt told reporters. 

"And if we look at his current situation I think we can all draw parallels with leaving the EU in a huff without even stopping to pack a spare pair of underpants.

"My advice to Boris would be to stop being a coward, find the nearest 24-hour garage, buy some flowers and a couple of those big purple Quality Streets and start begging to be allowed back in."

Outgoing European Council President Donald Tusk later weighed in on the matter issuing a statement in which he expresses his preference for the green triangular type of giant Quality Street and ornamental daisies. 


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