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Gove lays out his white lines for future Brexit negotiations

Michael Gove

Michael Gove says he would replace Theresa May’s infamous red lines with some fresh white lines of his own in the hope of livening up the Brexit negotiations.

Speaking on the third day of his Tory leadership campaign, the Environment Secretary blamed Mrs May’s red lines for her failure to seal a Brexit deal and said that only he could bring fresh vigour to the negotiations.

In an energetic speech, Gove told reporters that he had the energy to negotiate all night if that’s what it takes to score the deal of a life time in Brussels. 

“I have a long track record for defining the sort of white lines that help, not hinder, a negotiation,” Gove said while incessantly rubbing and pinching at the end of his nose.

“Unlike Theresa’s red lines my white lines are guaranteed to get all parties huddled around the negotiating table.

“The former prime minister’s red lines are seen as a negative by the EU but my white lines will leave European negotiators feeling positive about Britain and positive about Brexit.

“With my white lines I will deliver us the pure, uncut, Brexit deal that this country has been jonesing for for three years.”

Asked if he’d accept a no deal scenario, Gove told reporters.

“Look I’ve negotiated substantial deals with some pretty tough characters in my time and I’ve always walked away with the goods.” 

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