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Cameron: I smoked crack before deciding to hold referendum

David Cameron

Former PM David Cameron has admitted that he made a “grave error of judgement” by smoking the Class A drug ‘Crack’ Cocaine before announcing the decision to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union in February 2016.

“I profoundly regret smoking crack but I was under a great deal of stress at the time,” said Cameron yesterday. 

“You must realise that 2016 was a very different time. I was depressed. People were struggling with the impact of austerity measures back then… albeit austerity measures that I introduced,” added the former MP for Witney.

Grass roots members of the Conservative Party are said to be shocked by this latest revelation, which follows a string of leadership contenders confessing past experiences with illegal narcotics. 


“We were upset  about the pig,” explained one local Conservative counsellor from Worthing, “but to find out he was ‘on the pipe’ before making one of the most important decisions in our nation’s history is unforgivable.”

Tory Grandees are also believed to be furious with the ex-PM. One senior minister, who declined to be named, recalled Mr Cameron’s behaviour in the weeks before the announcement to hold the vote: 

“I remember that he was displaying erratic behaviour; staying up late, screaming at people in the street for no reason, and then, of course, deciding to hold the Brexit Referendum…well now we know why.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police explained that they would not be investigating the claims but warned, “actions like these are dangerous and can destroy lives. We would urge members of the public to never consider holding any kind of referendum at any time.”


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