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Putin sends congratulations to MEP candidates

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has sent congratulatory messages to MEP candidates three days before the European Parliamentary election results are due to be announced.

As polls opened for the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday morning, several MEP hopefuls have allegedly received cards and a muffin basket from Moscow.

Sources say that the muffins are “quite delicious”, but their recipients have been left with a bemused taste in their mouths as the election results are not officially announced until Sunday evening. 

Among them is Sally Fishlove-Smyth who is standing as a candidate for the He’s a Foreigner, Get Him Out of Here party.

“I mean, I’ve not even cast my own vote yet,” she said between mouthfuls of a giant a Red Velvet cupcake.

“But look, there’s a little card and everything,” she continued taking a bite out of a blueberry muffin topped with oats and caramelised demerara sugar.


“The card says, ‘Dear Sally, Congratulations on your election to the European Parliament. All the Best Vlad xxx’, it’s sweet of him, but I’ll pay for all these extra calories at Weight Watchers on Monday night.” 

Claims the Russian President has somehow got inside knowledge of the outcome of the European Parliamentary elections have been denied. 

A spokesman for the Russian embassy said.

“The President is a keen student of foreign democratic processes and just wants to wish some of your MEPs good luck.

“He is also a happy-go-lucky, vodka-glass-half-full kinda guy, so I think with these muffin baskets you westerners are just seeing Vladimir the optimist, there is no conspiracy.

“By the way, send my regards to your Prime Minister, I hear she will be staying in office for a few more years.” 


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