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Failure of Labour-Tory Brexit talks a surprise to precisely no one.

Corbyn May

So-called ordinary people have responded with slight shrugs and apathy to the news that six weeks of cross-party Brexit talks have achieved significantly less than nothing.

Six weeks ago Conservative and Labour MPs resolutely agreed that it was about time they had a little chat about this Brexit thing and perhaps had a crack at figuring out what they wanted to do about it.

The Prime Minister announced the cross-party Brexit talks to a bored public with the glee usually reserved for someone who has genuinely had a revolutionary idea, like inventing the light bulb or the two-pint glass.

Following a month and a half of eating posh biscuits at the taxpayer's expense, both sides have only managed to agree that they were both right when they said that they disagreed six weeks ago.

The Tory leadership have blamed the Labour party for the break down of talks saying that the “lack of a common position” within Labour over a further referendum was a showstopper.


From the other side of the political divide, Labour, stating the obvious, are citing the government’s “increasing weakness and instability” for the lack of progress.

Across the country, voters have failed to register any sort of response to Westminster’s latest round of navel-gazing, with many now failing to even care that we have a political class.

Jake Evans from St Albans told us, “What Brexit? I stopped caring about that two years ago mate,” 

“Haven’t they done it yet? I really didn’t notice.” 


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