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Trump threatens intelligence blackout after Daniel Craig is spotted with Huawei phone

Daniel Craig James Bond 007

The US President, Donald Trump, has threatened to stop sharing his intelligence with the UK after seeing pictures of Daniel Craig using a Huawei phone.

Craig, 55, was pictured using the suspect device on the set of the 25th James Bond movie, which is being shot in Oracabessa bay on the northern coastline of Jamaica.

Bond 25, announced four days ago, will be the British actor’s last outing as the globe-trotting British secret agent James Bond. 

Security chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic are believed to have concerns over Huawei after a Skype call, leaked last week, revealed details of the Chinese telecom giant’s involvement in building UK’s 5G mobile phone infrastructure.

President Trump is said to have characteristically got both the wrong end of the stick and acted impulsively after seeing pictures of Craig with the phone on Fox News, telling aides.


“That’s it I’m not sharing my intelligence with them Britishians [sic] anymore. 

“My intelligence is the best, a lot of people say that, they really do, but I don’t want that Miss Mayflower leaking it all to the Japanese.”

After being reminded by a senior staffer, who has now been fired, that Huawei is a Chinese firm and that it is “Mrs May” not "Miss Mayflower", the President Tweeted.

“If the Brits are gonna give their top spy 007 a junk Huawei phone, then they can’t have my intelligence anymore. So sad. 

“Miss Mayflower should get in touch with my friend Tim Apple and get Bond an all American iPhone.” 


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